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Who we are?

The idea behind our company is to solve tasks others fail to or consider impossible to start with. We believe that any idea is good enough if it's considered impossible, because only such ideas form the world we live in. It takes to have the best crew, the stellar expertise and a sheer will that only the hardest tasks are worth working with - and that's who we are and what we do.

We watch trends. We search. We teach. We learn. We offer services and develop solutions.

  • Versatile and complex solutions

    From PoCs to scalable and robust platforms.

  • Direct communication

    As a small and highly specialized company, we provide fast and direct feedbacks.

  • Only experienced and top-notch workers

    Only the best engineers are allowed to production.

Gnolltech services


We provide services for both enterprise clients and small companies in case TTM is crucial. Our service model serves as a win-win strategy so you may be sure we're totally interested in your success.

  • Research
  • OSS projects support
  • Crisis management
  • Exclusive expertise
  • Dedicated teams for startups

We build highly specific teams for each client we work with. Contact us if you're interested in details regarding your task.

Gnolltech solutions


We are working with modern trends we consider promising.

  • Domain specific formal languages
  • IoT
  • Blockchains
  • Smart contracts, trustless networks
  • Formal verification

You may be interested in what we have to offer, or you may as well contact us for the expertise in these particular fields.

Ask us! We'll be glad to contact you right away.